Transgender counseling, and therapy

Transgender couples are different, and when problems arise, there needs to be a unique solution to that. How does one talk about the things they face? It is hard to comprehend for ourselves let alone being able to tell someone else. It has to be dealt with care, and empathy. This is where therapists come into the picture. There are a lot of problems the coupe faces daily, and therapy will be their guide. It will help them prioritize their necessities, and make sure that they are focused on the relationship.

Need for a therapist:

Not just transgender couples, but the regular couple also seek therapy for their lives. Problems are part of the relationship, and they need to be assessed instead of ignored. Therapy can be intimidating, but there are no sides, and it is for the best of the couple. Therapists are well trained to understand your problem and give a way out.


The first thing that everybody has to do is to understand the requirement for therapy. Problems arise, and couples disagree on many things. This is not a big deal, but if there are major differences, they are to be sorted out., This has to be acknowledged that there are problems. Couples that try to stay together will go to any length to save a relationship. The transgender therapy is very helpful with this. You have to complete tasks that involve both of you, this will be a part of relationship building. This is to develop a new understanding between the couple and make the bond stronger. It will open communication, and lead towards true intimacy.


Transitioning is not a new thing in Transgender. It happens all the time, and there are mood swings. The couples are assessed as to how to understand each other better. This helps to develop communication, and reduce conflicts. When you understand each other, there will be less misunderstanding. The expression is another thing. It helps you to let the other person know what you know, and what you want to say? Communication plays an important role in strengthening a relationship.

Pride Counselling

The issues dealt are the same as regular couples:

Even though the problems are different, the issues are still the same. Lack of understanding, stress etc. You may be having a lot of problems, but therapy will help you a lot. When we talk about the problems faced by the transgender community, there needs to be a unique approach. Many therapists are there who have experience in handling trans couples and understanding their problems. It’s very important to have a therapist who can understand the couple, and be able to resolve. This is no different than the help that is required by the normal couple who come for lack of communication, conflict resolution, etc.


It is s kind of therapy that involves talking by a trained professional. The intension is to listen carefully to you, understand, and find the solution to your problems. It can confuse you with the therapy, but therapy is not just talking. There is a striking difference between counseling and therapy.

What is Betterhelp?

Founded in 2013, Betterhelp is one of the reliable names in the therapy world. It is an online portal that provides therapy services to customers with direct-to-consumer access. The services include via phone or text. You can interact with the counselors live on chat as well as video conferencing. It can be accessed from anywhere, and therapists are available 24/7.


Talkspace is a name that has a reputation in the market. Trusted by many, it is based in New York and was founded by Oren and Roni Frank in 2012. It is available on multiple devices, and once you put in your details, you will be connected to the concerned therapist. No matter what kind of internet device you are using, you can load the website or download the app. Based on the information that you out in, you will be assessed. It boasts of its 500,000 clients and 1,000 therapists. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and evidence-based treatment options are examples of approaches. It is not just for transgender couples, but also other genders.

The therapist will go through your worksheets and be in touch with you. This will keep you at ease, and he can have the full insight into your issue. Communication is maintained, and they are very valuable in identifying the patterns of your problem and help you solve them. Apart from them, there are also videos that they provide to help you. They are challenging, but they are a good start. Once you sign up, a therapist will be assigned to you who will remain there till the end. The therapists have a wide range of credentials ranging from license to at-hand experience.


This is the website you will surely want to check. Even though it has been out here at the end, but it is second to none. It offers therapy to transgender couples. The treatment is swift and reliable. Therapists are very experienced and can understand you clearly. Once a problem is understood, only then can you find the problem. They cater to the individual as well as the couple’s needs. It has plenty of therapists at your disposal.

Pride Counselling: accepts people from every gender, and one you out in your details, and algorithm matches you with a therapist. The sessions can be scheduled whenever you see fit. Once you sign up, you are guided through the process which is very easy, and reliable. You shall get it done in minutes, and as soon as you do, the therapy starts. You can plan it according to your schedule.

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Transgender couples are no different than regular couples, but they require a different approach. The needs are different, and like every gender, specialists are also different. Once you start therapy, things will start to be back in order. This way you will not just strengthen your bond, but also get a clear picture of it.

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